Nutrition Lifestyle Ebook (Nutrition + Meal Plans)


This is a general nutrition and lifestyle guide featuring THREE different meal plans.Lose, Gain or Maintain. This guide has you covered with a 6 week meal plan to cater to YOUR GOALS. 

Change your lifestyle today to become healthier mentally and physically! This guide is a 6 week guide to help you develop healthier habits. It's filled with everything you need to know about nutrition, fat burning tricks, meal planning, how to work out effectively and how to stay motivated.

 What you get: 

*Meal plans for three different goals 

*How to lose weight effectively & keep the weight off

*How to develop healthier habits       

*Explaining the science behind nutrition

*Tips and tricks on how to burn fat 

 *How to stay energized

*Protein snacks 

*How to eat healthy on vacation 

*How to achieve your goals 

*How to work out effectively 

Please note: This guide was not designed for our vegans or vegetarians, however, this guide offers much more than meal options! Protein options can be substituted.