AKFIT Swimwear is a fitness lifestyle brand, specializing in exclusive, custom, designer swimwear. The custom swimwear is designed with high-quality materials and distinctive prints. 

Our tops are adjustable to create a custom fit and our bottoms are all reversible with the ability to create multiple looks.


Welcome to the AKFIT Swimwear collection! AKFIT Swimwear was designed with passion by myself, Amanda Kathryn and my husband. The collections include bright and bold colors to boost the mood and to build confidence for women all over the world. 

We want our swimwear to bring excitement, confidence and happiness to our customers. Our goal is to inspire women through our content to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, full of adventure! 

We are advocates for health and fitness. We live a very active lifestyle and try to encourage others to do the same. My husband and I work as a team while traveling to different resorts to bring the product to life in beautiful settings. I am currently the face of my brand while my husband captures our products.

We take pride in each of our custom designs and we hope you will to! 

Thank you all for your support! 0x0x - AKFIT Team