How to stay motivated and beat depression during the winter months!

How to stay motivated and beat depression during the winter months!

THE TRUTH IS...we can't always rely on  the "feeling" of motivation. We're not always going to be motivated. Daily, we face challenges and events that distract us or retract us from feeling excited and motivated to work hard towards our goals. This is when your "habits" kick in as backup.

Discipline, consistency and patience are KEY in all that we do. Start creating habits for yourself to stay on track towards achieving your goals. How do you create habits that will stick!?

Schedule your day in your planner and check each task off as you go. If you have to schedule a time to eat during your busy work load, schedule it! If you have to pencil in your workout around your busy schedule, do it!

Plan and prepare! You will hold yourself accountable this way. Once you've crossed off your entire laundry list of tasks for the day, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. This will boost your mood and mindset.

The depression rate is higher during the winter months. Tips and tricks to keep you out of that winter funk:

1. Sleep - make sure you are getting 6-8 hours of quality sleep and make sure your sleep patterns are consistent 

2. Diet - maintain a well balanced diet including macro and micro nutrients. Fuel your body with foods that will energize you and keep you energized throughout the entire day, every day of the week! Complex carbs are not the enemy as they will fuel your body with energy that will last. 

Consistently eating high energy foods along with drinking plenty of water, will keep you energized, more alert and focused. If you are energized, more alert and focused, it will be much easier for you to stay motivated!

3. Exercise - Staying active will release endorphins and create a more energized, happy and motivated mindset. You will also end the day feeling self accomplished! 

How to get yourself to the gym when its freezing out:

Tip #1: Heat your car up and take a pre-workout while you wait. You will be warm and full of energy and motivation to work out.

Tip #2: Create a playlist that excites you! You will be more motivated to work out. 

Tip #3: Pack your gym clothes. Head to the gym straight from work. This will keep you from getting comfortable at home after work. 

Tip #4: Find a gym partner, but don't "rely" on that partner. 

Not sure which food sources offer the micro nutrients and macro nutrients you need to stay energized throughout the day!? 

Check out my Nutrition Guide!



February 11, 2019 — Amanda Winkler
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