It's Q & A time! 
Lately I've been receiving messages regarding the same questions from different individuals. I figured this would be a great opportunity to do blog about it! One of the questions I'm getting asked quite often is "What do I take for a pre-workout?" To be quite honest, I am actually significantly sensitive to beta alanine. With being sensitive I have to be cautious. I hardly rely on pre-workouts.
I only take a pre-workout if I'm REALLY needing it. C4 is usually my go to. They offer many different options in different forms. I usually just grab the drink when I arrive at the gym. The powdered form is great if you want to use it every day. You just mix with water and you are good to go!
Another great option is PUMPED made by MET-Rx. Both of these options will not give you that jittery or tingly feeling, but should give you a good boost. Check the ingredients for Beta-alanine if you don't prefer a pre-workout that will cause you to feel potentially uncomfortable. Bet- alanine causes that harmless tingling feeling of the skin. 
Another great question I've been asked recently is what kind of drink to I drink after my workout and when do I drink it? I bring Whey Protein to the gym with me to have after each workout.
I recommend Whey Isolate if you are looking for something with less ingredients along with no artificial sweeteners. I love  the strawberry banana flavor! I purchase most of my supplements from the Vitamin Shoppe. They are a great resource if you have questions and they will also price match other websites as well! 
You want to take your protein shake within that 15 minute window after your workout!
Consuming protein immediately after a workout will optimize muscle repair and promote muscle growth. Please note that protein doesn't act alone in feeding and refueling your muscles.
You'll want to eat a small meal within an hour after. In this meal you should have at least a carb along with a lean protein source. 
Example: Chicken & rice with veggies / Ground Turkey & sweet potato 
It's a New Year and its a great time to jumpstart your fitness journey! Many have asked "What is the best way to shred fat quick?" Whatever your goals may be, don't EVER skip meals. This is the worse thing your could do for yourself.
Do yourself a favor and EAT! Eat up! Fuel your body with the proper nutrients it NEEDS. Have about 5-6 small meals per day or 3 small meals with 2 high protein snacks.  this will help you maintain a higher metabolic rate which can benefit fat loss efforts by helping you burn off more calories that what you consume.
Eating 5-6 times a day will also keep you energized throughout the day as long as you are fueling your body with the proper nutrients. 
For breakfast have a protein source and a carb with a side of your favorite fruit! For your next 2-3 meals, have a protein source, carb and fiber. Have a protein source and a vegetable for your last 2 meals. Let the carbs sit out on those! You could also add in a good fat source to your first 3-4 meals if you prefer to do so!  
Limit your sodium and sugar intake. Sugar?! Yes! This will make a HUGE difference. Also, drink your water! How much should you drink?! Guzzle up at least a gallon per day! 
If you are exercising daily - complete at least 4-5 sets of each exercise at around 15 reps. When doing cardio I recommend HIGH INTENSITY interval training. What is that1? 
Example: Sprints on treadmill - Sprint for 1 minute, walk for 1 minute and repeat for at least 20 minutes. Stair stepper - Up your speed to level 12 for 1 minute then back down to level 6 for 2 minutes. You get the point! Complete cardio after each workout session at least 5 days a week for best results.
I hope this blog was helpful to everyone reading! If you have any fitness related questions please feel free to email me at:! I would love to answer any questions!
January 15, 2018 — Amanda Winkler
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